Episode 14: Embracing the Wild with Vanessa Wingerath

“Having myself as the muse, it’s actually a very powerful experience because I can see myself as someone who is deserving of love, beauty, attention, nurturing…”


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Vanessa found me on “accident” as she was typing in the url to her own website. I mean, there aren’t really any accidents, are there? When she discovered this website and that I had a podcast called Wild Women in Photography, she reached out to me and said we should definitely talk! I agreed!

At first Vanessa’s work seems vastly different than my own. However, we both are passionate about empowering women and embracing (and celebrating) the chaos and imperfection in our photography.

LNg2023 35 Vanessa Wingerath

Vanessa and I discuss some wild topics including how she got started in photography through capturing the birth experience. I’ve had four children of my own and I love how she describes photographing so much emotion. It’s a wild and beautiful experience that’s hard to remember the details after it’s over.

Since then, her photographic evolution now embraces women of all kinds as she seeks to empower them through wild woman portraits. One of my favorite stories was about her experience with this woman in a special lake in Minjerribah in Australia.

MinjerribahVW 84 Vanessa Wingerath

Retreat10 22 48 Vanessa Wingerath

Hearing about the transformations she sees in women during portrait sessions is inspiring! We both want women everywhere to embrace who they are, release shame and grow in confidence!

I hope this episode inspires you to embrace imperfection and support women everywhere.

Thank you Vanessa!


Vanessa Wingerath is a wild woman photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. She hosts retreats and events in Tucson and beyond that foster radical women’s community. Her work is dedicated to the reclamation of our wild, powerful, and raw feminine selves. She co-creates art with the Great Mother and brave women who want to be seen.

See more of Vanessa’s work at:

4 Weeks of Feminine Fire: https://www.wildroseproject.com/

Website: https://www.wildrosewomanphotography.com/

Also: http://www.vanessawingerath.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vanessa.wingerath

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Episode 13: Chasing Storms & Volcanoes with Jen Walton

“And so all I remember is 10 minutes of just
sheer terror driving through crap blowing sideways
at the car and it was just green”



Doesn’t that smile say it all??? Jen Walton is passionate about what she does! I reached out to Jen because, not only is she a badass photographer, she’s also at the forefront of the women’s empowerment movement. She’s the founder and brain power behind Girls Who Chase. Their mission: to inspire, empower and equip girls and women to pursue storms, the sciences and their passions.

*And if you want to know more about storm chasing, check out the Spring Training event hosted by Girls Who Chase. It’s virtual AND affordable!
Learn more here: https://www.girlswhochase.com/springtraining2024

MaunaLoaDec8Heli bothlogo Jennifer Walton

It was soooo much fun talking to Jen to create this episode! I hadn’t met her before so this was like a podcast blind date!

She tells me how she came to be both a storm chase AND a photographer. We took some time to talk about the cataylst behind Gils Who Chase and some of the struggles we with women in our fields.

One of the reasons I started this podcast was beause I felt that I wasn’t hearing enough about women in photography. So, just like Jen, I created a space to highlight women doing awesome stuff!! We both love our male counterparts and thank them for being so supportive. Both Jen and I are working to literally change the landscape of what’s possible for women.

Sunflower tornado portrait Jennifer Walton

Engulfing Bear Butte Jennifer Walton

I’m truly blown away by Jen’s “I can do it” attitude! We want women EVERYWHERE to know that you can do anything you want AND you don’t need a chaperone to do it.

I especially enjoyed hearing about her experiences photographing an erupting Mauna Loa and getting battered by wind during a storm chase. Words here just don’t do this episode justice so go listen for yourself!

Thanks again Jen!


Jen Walton is a Denver-based storm & volcano chaser, photographer and entrepreneur.

In her photography work, she likes to “find the grace in fury,” — beauty in the extreme, and light in the dark. She loves capturing the juxtaposition of every day sights, benign and happy objects, and beauty – with powerful storms and volcanoes. These experiences and images remind her of how small we are, yet how powerful we can be in our lives. Her art is about slowing down, taking it in, and looking more closely.

Jen fiercely believes in and advocates for gender equity and self-actualization. Her personal mission is to inspire and empower people to be and do what they love, by identifying and breaking down their stories of limitation. She is the proud founder and lead of the Girls Who Chase initiative, which elevates the content and voices of female and female-identified storm chasers, to inspire, empower and equip girls & women globally to pursue the sciences, the weather and their passions.

She is the principal at JAWalton Communications, a strategic communication and executive leadership center. She holds a B.A. in Environmental Communication and an M.S. in Journalism & Technical Communication, and spent the first 17 years of her career working with scientists, engineers, urban planners and other technical experts to craft communication strategies for effective climate change and science communication. She brought deep experience as a communications expert – and her understanding of what it was like working in highly technical fields as a woman – to create the Girls Who Chase concept and find new ways to address systemic gender disparity issues and enact culture change.

See more of Jen’s work at:

Website: www.jenniferawalton.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jenwaltonchases/

X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/mejenwalton

Girls Who Chase: https://www.girlswhochase.com/

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Episode 12: WOMEN in the WILD with Suzanne Roady


Me and Suzanne

One of the benefits of hosting your own podcast is that you can do what you want with it! Since I launched last year, I’ve been thinking it would be fun to record in the actual wild with other women (or myself…spoiler alert!).

Last November I, once again, towed kayaks to the adventure in and travel to the flooded cypress forest of east Texas. While out one magical morning, I ended up meeting Suzanne Roady out on the water. I knew almost instantly that I wanted to invite her to record with me.

DSF7405 Suzanne Roady

What a great conversation! We discuss her journey in photography, why and who she seeks mentorship from, our experience on the water together in real time and more!

DSC3872 Edit Suzanne Roady
DSC 0454 Suzanne Roady 1

I’m thoroughly impressed by Suzanne’s openness and her generosity of time and compliments to peers. After hearing her plans for her creative work this year, I’m excited to see what she does next!

Thanks again Suzanne!


Suzanne has had a lifelong passion for photography. She is interested in different ways to discover and present the world around her.

Her journey has led her to explore different imaging techniques varying from infrared, ultraviolet, macro and others.

From a young age, her primary interests have been nature and photography. She feels very fortunate to be able to combine these two passions.

When Covid hit and the opportunities for travel were cut short, Suzanne decided to look for images close to home. She learned to reexamine her everyday surroundings for image possibilities. She feels that it’s easy to get excited about the unfamiliar but often we overlook the things around us every day.

She says, “Sometimes life is not about chasing a goal but instead, slowing down and seeing what is already there.”

You can see more of Suzanne Roady’s work at:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/roadyphotography/

Website: https://www.suzanneroady.com/

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Episode 11: Gratitude & Healing with Shauna Hart

“It just all worked and flowed so well.
It was fascinating to watch.”



What a fascinating conversation I had with Shauna Hart, the moose whisperer! Well, that’s my new nickname for her after recording this episode;) Shauna truly has a love of and a real connection with wildlife.

dailygreens 3 2 Shauna Hart

fightingwords 2 2 Shauna Hart

When Shauna moved to Utah, her husband encouraged her to pick her camera back up and immerse herself back into photography. Since then she’s definitely ALL the way in. Can’t you feel it from her beautiful images?

horseshakevert Shauna Hart

I’m so glad Shauna reached out to me to record an episode together! I loved her experiences with moose tracking in the winter, honoring the circle of life, learning from wild horses, healing through nature and more.

Thanks again Shauna!


Shana Hart is a wildlife photographer and naturalist living in Northern Utah. She’s on the board of directors at the Utah Wildlife Federation and a contributing photographer for Save People, Save Wildlife in Park City, Utah. Shana is also a member of the Utah Wildlife Connectivity Committee and advocate for wildlife in areas of development in Utah.

She’s dabbled in photography all her life, but fell in love with landscape and wildlife photography when moving to Utah six years ago. Once she had her own personal experiences with wildlife in her area, she was hooked!

You can see more of Shauna’s work at:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/byhartphotography/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shauna.l.hart/

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Episode 10: Fear & Inspiration with Erin Babnik

“And I was really, really terrified
and I thought that was it for me.
My only option at that point, I couldn’t safely go down,
I would have slipped and died…


ErinBabnik HeadshotStudio960px Erin Babnik

I loved connecting with Erin in the awesome episode filled with mind blowing tales from her adventures.

Erin is a true wild woman and explorer. I still can’t believe she has offices in both California and Slovenia! A world adventurer!


Erin Babnik Imag 1

I appreciated how open Erin was about her emotions during these trips (for photography or not). She seems to have a strong grasp on what she is feeling AND how to use that to her advantage. A huge part of adventuring is keeping your cool and working through situations logically. Erin illustrates this in one of her experiences being stuck in the Dolomites.


We also discussed being in “the zone” or flow state and what emotions are helpful to get us there. For more about flow, check out the book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

Erin also shares the trauma of almost being killed by a mountain goat AND the inspiration she felt while photographing trees in the fog on Madeira. We shared plentiful laughter and expressions of our individual passion for photography.

Thanks again Erin!


Erin Babnik is known internationally as a leading photographic artist, educator, author, and speaker, specializing in wilderness landscape photography. She is a Canon Explorer of Light, an f-stop gear Global ICON, a ProMedia Gear Ambassador, and is on the Pro Teams of numerous other brands in the photography industry. In addition, Erin is a member of the illustrious nature photography team Photo Cascadia. Erin’s images appear in a plethora of books, magazines, and commercial products, and her name frequently tops industry lists of the world’s most notable landscape photographers.

Erin currently has offices on two continents, using each as a base for traveling worldwide to teach photography workshops and to speak and write about the art of landscape photography.

You can see more of Erin’s work at:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erinbabnik/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/babnikphoto

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Episode 9: A Positive Attitude with Sarah Marino

“We try everything we can think of to get ourselves out.
All the tactics,
we realize we’re not gonna get ourselves out.”


Sarah Marino Profile Pic Zion Sarah Marino scaled

It was so fun to chat with Sarah in this episode!

When I first started to study landscape photography in earnest, Sarah, through her example, was someone that helped me see what was possible. I gave myself permission to photograph rocks and other “overlooked” subjects.

Sarah Marino 7 Sarah Marino
A misty morning in Mount Rainier National Park.

Since then, I am thrilled to call her a friend and look forward to actually walking the landscape, talking and making photos together. It was fun to edit our conversation mostly because Sarah is an excellent speaker and eloquently recounts her experiences photographing birds, braving the Alvord Playa and processing grief in Death Valley.

Sarah Marino 5 Sarah Marino
Newly emerged corn lilies after an intense spring rain. Uncompaghre National Forest (Colorado).

In our conversation, Sarah turns the tables on me and asks me how I feel about traveling alone. I’ve definitely been doing more solo travel and feeling like I’m safe is a big deal. I try hard to be more aware of my surrounding so I don’t put myself in dangerous situations and I take a Garmin In-Reach mini to message my husband/mom (and to call for rescue if needed).

Sarah Marino 2 Sarah Marino
A grove of Joshua Trees is enveloped in thick fog in Death Valley National Park.

We enjoyed a healthy dose of laughter together as we shared experiences and continued our friendship.

Thanks again Sarah!

And here’s that image of Sarah and her husband, Ron, getting stuck and then towed out of the Alvord Desert…

Sarah Alvord Playa


Sarah Marino is a nature photographer, photography educator, and writer based in southwestern Colorado. In addition to photographing grand landscapes, Sarah is best known for her photographs of smaller subjects including intimate landscapes, abstract renditions of natural subjects, and creative portraits of plants and trees.

Sarah is the author or co-author of a diverse range of educational resources for nature photographers on subjects like composition, photographing nature’s small scenes, and black and white photography. Sarah, a co-founder of the Nature First Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography, also seeks to promote the responsible stewardship of natural and wild places through her photography and teaching.

You can see more of Sarah’s work at:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahmarinophoto/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SarahMarinoPhoto

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Episode 8: Joy & Release with Margaret Soraya

“And I went under and it was just like this world, this different world, everything is left behind and you’re in this new world.”


DSC05187 Edit Margaret Soraya

I’m so thrilled to have connected with MS! I’ve listened to her podcast for quite a while now. So, when she approached me about chatting with her on her podcast, of course I was a 100% yes. Then, I turned the microphone on her and invited her to be a guest on Wild Women in Photography. 

margaret soraya 11 Margaret Soraya 1

We discuss how photography is a physical release for stress, gratitude for nature and creativity, and joy in all of it. 

DSCF7778 2 Margaret Soraya

I’m impressed with the intentional life that Margaret has created for herself including moving to the Isle of Harris, a location that is truly inspiring for her. I’m grateful for this new connection and now, for a new friend that shares such similar emotions in nature and philosophies on creativity. 

DSCF2289 2 Margaret Soraya 1

Thanks again Margaret!


Though she exudes calm, Today’s guest truly is a Wild woman at heart.  Margaret Soraya is an artist, photographer and true creative based on the Isle of Harris, a remote Scottish Island.

Margaret’s creative work including Images, Books & paintings are heavily inspired by the coast. She offers workshops and retreats, is the visionary behind the Creative Light Festival and has an inclusive and supportive community membership called Creative Haven. And, make sure to check out her podcast, Creative Soundscapes.

You can see more of Margaret’s work at:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaretsoraya/

Online Creative Haven community: https://creative-haven.newzenler.com

Creative Festival https://creative-light.co.uk/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@MargaretSoraya

Retreats: https://www.quietlandscapes.co.uk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaretsoraya/

Online Creative Haven community: https://creative-haven.newzenler.com

Creative Festival https://creative-light.co.uk/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@MargaretSoraya

Retreats: https://www.quietlandscapes.co.uk

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