Episode 14: Embracing the Wild with Vanessa Wingerath

“Having myself as the muse, it’s actually a very powerful experience because I can see myself as someone who is deserving of love, beauty, attention, nurturing…”


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Vanessa found me on “accident” as she was typing in the url to her own website. I mean, there aren’t really any accidents, are there? When she discovered this website and that I had a podcast called Wild Women in Photography, she reached out to me and said we should definitely talk! I agreed!

At first Vanessa’s work seems vastly different than my own. However, we both are passionate about empowering women and embracing (and celebrating) the chaos and imperfection in our photography.

LNg2023 35 Vanessa Wingerath

Vanessa and I discuss some wild topics including how she got started in photography through capturing the birth experience. I’ve had four children of my own and I love how she describes photographing so much emotion. It’s a wild and beautiful experience that’s hard to remember the details after it’s over.

Since then, her photographic evolution now embraces women of all kinds as she seeks to empower them through wild woman portraits. One of my favorite stories was about her experience with this woman in a special lake in Minjerribah in Australia.

MinjerribahVW 84 Vanessa Wingerath

Retreat10 22 48 Vanessa Wingerath

Hearing about the transformations she sees in women during portrait sessions is inspiring! We both want women everywhere to embrace who they are, release shame and grow in confidence!

I hope this episode inspires you to embrace imperfection and support women everywhere.

Thank you Vanessa!


Vanessa Wingerath is a wild woman photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. She hosts retreats and events in Tucson and beyond that foster radical women’s community. Her work is dedicated to the reclamation of our wild, powerful, and raw feminine selves. She co-creates art with the Great Mother and brave women who want to be seen.

See more of Vanessa’s work at:

4 Weeks of Feminine Fire: https://www.wildroseproject.com/

Website: https://www.wildrosewomanphotography.com/

Also: http://www.vanessawingerath.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vanessa.wingerath

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